The Aldoa Company was founded in 1957 to provide proprietary plating chemicals to the metal processing industry. Although small, Aldoa established itself as an innovative company by providing the plating industry with such products as the first cyanide-free alkaline zinc plating process.

Aldoa’s objective has always been to provide customers with simple plating systems that require little or no lab support. In addition, Aldoa continues to provide platers with innovative processes. With the stringent environmental restrictions on the metal finishing industries, Aldoa has pioneered environmentally friendly processes such as a non-cyanide zinc and cadmium process and Novalite ZNA, a zinc-nickel plating that is one of the most widely used substitutes for cadmium plating.

Aldoa’s lab is staffed to quickly respond to meet customer needs and help solve their problems. The lab is also continuously searching for new and better conversion coatings and plating processes.

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Aldoa serves the automotive and metalworking industry with a broad range of products that include plating and conversion coating processes, metal cleaning processes, phosphate processes and waste water treatment processes. Click on products for our on-line catalog.
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