The Aldoa Company (Detroit, MI), a leading innovator in the research and development as well as supplier of advanced, environmental-friendly chemicals for the plating industry, has introduced its latest formulations, Novalyte 404 B&C. The new chemistry consists of a two part additive system for chloride zinc processes and sulfate-based acid zinc electrolyte baths. The environmentally friendly double additives are ecologically conscious and serve as brightener additives in all types of acidic zinc chloride baths. The Novalyte 404 system provides a low overall cost alternative in comparison to traditional additive systems while providing a 95% plus efficiency. The brightener aspect of the Novalyte 404 system offers a wide range brightness levels that can be easily controlled by the operator.

Complementing the new Novalyte 404 additive, Aldoa has also introduced Novalyte 405, a single additive formula that delivers the same brightening performance as the 404 compound with the carrier properties. Both additive formulations are ideal for use in the zinc plating of steel components where high levels of corrosion protection are critical.

Aldoa has been providing chemical products, research and support to plating and coating industries worldwide for nearly half a century. Today, its products cover a wide range of finishing processes including cadmium, copper and copper alloy, nickel, zinc and zinc alloy plating and chromium additives; phosphate coatings; metal cleaning; numerous aluminum treatments; chromate conversion coatings; and solutions for wastewater treatment.

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