The transition in the plating industry converting to environmentally safe and occupational hazard-free formulas has sometimes been hit and miss when it comes to obtaining satisfactory results of coating finish and product quality.  For copper plating, however, the guesswork has come to an end the Aldoa Company (Detroit, MI), a leading innovator in the research and development as well as supplier of advanced, environmental-friendly chemicals for the plating industry, has developed and launched a new additive formulation, Novalyte NC-CU.  This new additive is an alkaline, non-cyanide solution that alleviates the environmental and safety concerns of cyanide based copper electroplating systems, and can be used to deliver a semi-bright to bright finish deposit from the alkaline solution.  Typical applications for the copper/Novalyte NC-CU based process will fall into household hardware and decorative items, for plumbing fixtures and fasteners, as well as electrical and electronic components.  It can also be used in the top coating of steel wire and as a mask heat treatable steel components.

One of the unique performance features of the Novalyte NC-CU solution is that, unlike other alkaline non-cyanide copper solutions—where many times non-adhering immersion copper deposits form, the Aldoa compound has demonstrated successful results in barrel plating applications of zinc die castings and steel parts.  In addition, the additive system produces a highly ductile deposit at all current densities from 1 to 50 amps per square foot, and provides considerable throwing power to give excellent coverage even in deep cavities and recesses.

The Novalyte NC-CU does not require any pre-mixed concentrates be purchased from suppliers the end user can easily blend the electrolyte bath and Novalyte NC-CU additive per guidelines provided by Aldoa to achieve specific results and finishes.  The Novalyte NC-CU product is competitively cost efficient with other process methods and additives.  As a non-cyanide solution, its use will usually contribute to lower disposal/waste treatment costs while lowering the risks of hazardous spills and cleanups. 

Aldoa has been providing chemical products, research and support to plating and coating industries worldwide for nearly half a century.  Today, its products cover a wide range of finishing processes including cadmium, copper and copper alloy, nickel, zinc and zinc alloy plating and chromium additives; phosphate coatings; metal cleaning; numerous aluminum treatments; chromate conversion coatings; and solutions for wastewater treatment.  Further information can be found at

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