The Aldoa Company (Detroit, MI), a leader in the research and development as well as supplier of advanced, environmental-friendly chemicals for the plating industry, has developed and introduced a new additive formulation—Nova Speed 2005.  The new formula is a unique, all sulfate process additive developed for use in high speed continuous electroplating operations of zinc or zinc/iron alloy, such as with strip, coil or wire materials to provide a bright, and high-gloss finish.  The smooth, ductile and lustrous plating deposit obtained from the inclusion of Nova Speed 2005 additive in the plating bath, in most cases, eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive secondary surface treatments prior to final finishing as in cases of painting or powder coating applications.  And, while the quality of the finish is visually evident, Nova Speed 2005's operational performance is also easily measured with a high efficiency bath that allows metal finishers to electroplate 0.001 inch thick deposit on one square foot steel surface area in less than five (5) minutes at 200 amperes DC current. 

The launch of Nova Speed 2005 is significant in the fact that with high speed plating applications, metal is depleted from the bath very quickly, hence, the need for heavily concentrated electrolytes.  As the concentration increases, however, the ability to produce a smooth, bright deposit decreases. The Nova Speed 2005 additive negates the typical dulling effects of the high-concentration bath.

Nova Speed 2005 is also user friendly, and will deliver the desired results of luster and hue of the electroplated surface within a forgiving temperature range of from 80o up to 135o F and when the pH of the plating bath is maintained within the recommended range of 3.0 to 4.0. Additionally, the smooth and ductile deposits are possible with operating parameters of from one amp per square foot to more than 250 amp per square foot current density.  Medium to high agitation is necessary and options for this include mechanical, solution movement, and air…though air is not recommended for zinc/iron solutions.

Aldoa has been providing chemical products, research and support to plating and coating industries worldwide for nearly half a century.  Today, its products cover a wide range of finishing processes including cadmium, copper and copper alloy, nickel, zinc and zinc alloy plating and chromium additives; phosphate coatings; metal cleaning; numerous aluminum treatments; chromate conversion coatings; and solutions for wastewater treatment.  Further information can be found at

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