A liquid concentrate, when diluted with water will produce chromate conversion coatings on treated electroplated zinc, zinc-iron and zinc-cobalt alloy layers. The conversion coatings are highly corrosion resistant. The conversion coatings produced on zinc-iron are black and are olive green on zinc.


A liquid concentrate that produces yellow to orange chromate conversion coatings on electroplated zinc, zinc-cobalt, zinc-iron and cadmium. Salt Spray tests on zinc deposits treated with Aldokote 300-LM solution have shown no white products of corrosion after more than 300 hours of exposure.


A liquid formulation developed to produce a yellow iridescent protective conversion coating on surfaces of zinc, cadmium and alloys of zinc, such as, cobalt-zinc, iron-zinc and nickel-zinc (containing a low percentage of nickel). Aldokote COZ L formulation produces clear chromate conversion coating on zinc-nickel alloy surfaces containing more than 8% nickel.


A non-hexavalent chromium formulation when properly diluted with water will produce yellow passivation film on zinc-nickel alloy deposits containing 10 – 14% nickel. Aldokote NHC is a two-part system that works at room temperature and produces a corrosion resistant coating in 45 to 90 seconds of immersion time.


A powder formulation, when dissolved in water gives a highly corrosion resistance chromate conversion coating on electroplated zinc-nickel alloy deposits with 10 – 18% nickel.


Aldokote ZNW-1 and ZNW-2 are formulated to produce a black chromate conversion coating when diluted with the requisite amounts of water. The process is specifically developed for zinc-nickel alloy deposits with 10 – 16% nickel content. Subsequent immersion of the coated parts in Aldokote ZNW-Seal solution gives a glossy appearance to the coating.


It is difficult to apply yellow chromate conversion coatings to the baked zinc-nickel alloy plated parts. In the majority of cases, the baked parts have to be replated with a thinner coating of zinc-nickel and then treated with the conventional yellow chromates.

Aldokote 2109 was specially formulated to avoid replating of the baked parts. Aldokote 2109 in a water solution, gives a highly corrosion resistant coating directly on the baked zinc-nickel plated parts.

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