An alkali soak cleaner with high detergency characteristics. Exhibits excellent cleaning action through a wide temperature range of operation. Equally effective in both hard and soft water.


Is a unique blend of mild alkaline, non-caustic materials containing emulsifiers, dispersing agents, and surfactants for soak cleaning aluminum and its alloys without etching.

The Aldac 110 cleaner is formulated to remove light oils, mild shop soils, lubricants, and certain types of marking inks.

Aldac 110 does not contain caustic soda, not the usual addition of silicated compounds as inhibitors to provide non-etching of the aluminum surfaces during the cleaning procedure. In addition, the cleaner is biodegradable.

Aldac 110 eliminates the difficulty of rinsing the cleaned aluminum surfaces usually associated with the silicate-bearing cleaners, facilitating subsequent treatments such as anodizing, chromating or welding.

ALDAC 2680

A powdered alkaline compound formulated for the non-electrolytic chemical dissolution of rust and heat treat scale on ferrous metals. Can be used to remove phosphate coatings and scale. Does not contain sodium cyanide.

ALDAC 1315

A formulated cleaner for fast, thorough electrolytic cleaning of steel, copper and various copper-based alloys. All ingredients contribute to the overall cleaning action. The surfactants used in this formulation were chemically selected for high detergency and stability to temperature and oxidation to give dustless, facilitating the handling of the material. The Aldac 1315 cleaner performs exceptionally well in hard water areas.


A formulated mildly alkaline, non-silicated cleaner non-etch type, for cleaning aluminum, steel, and brass. The surfactant system in the Aldac 623 is of the biodegradable type.


A non-phosphate formulated cleaner for thorough soak cleaning of steel parts. The surfactants used in this formulation were chemically selected to displace the contaminants from the work rather than emulsify them. The Aldac CDN-NP is of the non-rosin acid and non-fatty acid type.


Is formulated as an alkaline compound for use as a soak and electrolytic cleaner for various types of base metals, such as steel, copper, and brass.

Aldac EC-95 is an excellent choice for job shops where single tank cleaning of various metals is possible. The cleaner exhibits long life and high soil load tolerance.


A dustless alkaline powder containing a biodegradable surfactant system that works as a heavy-duty electrocleaner on ferrous metals.


A mildly alkaline, non-phosphated spray cleaner used for inspection cleaning and in plant corrosion protection of steel surfaces. A dustless powder containing a biodegradable surfactant package.


Is formulated for use as a liquid inhibitor for hydrochloric acid pickling solution.

Aldac 365-L in conjunction with hydrochloric acid is used for the bright pickling of steel to remove mill scale, rust, and other forms of oxides with minimum attack on the exposed surface.

It is used to overcome the common difficulties encountered in the pickling of steel, such as over pickling, smudge formation, and pitting. The surface of the steel remains bright and uniform when pickled in hydrochloric acid solution containing Aldac 365-L inhibitor.


An organic type inhibitor formulation for use in sulfuric acid pickling solutions for the preparation of chemically clean steel surfaces prior to metallic coatings.

Aldohib can be easily rinsed off the pickled steel surface and therefore, can be used in acid pickling solutions that do not have an alkaline cleaner following the pickling step.

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